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Thomas P Hurtgen hurtgenmeadows at gmail.com
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Do these rain suits hold up to the ups and downs and bending of veggie  
harvesting?  Thanks.

Thomas P Hurtgen   (7b)
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On Mar 15, 2011, at 9:22 PM, Beth Spaugh wrote:

> Here is the info from Ann Schauman:
> Last yr I order a pr of Frogg Toggs, which construction workers and  
> linemen wear.  Got a men's small for me. The jacket was a bit  
> tighter than I would have liked, and the zipper ended up breaking by  
> fall.  Still there were snaps so I continued to use it...and use it  
> I did! Frogg Toggs are incredible!  Made out of the same stuff  
> Wegmans shopping bags are made out of...well the black ones, ie.   
> They are light weight and STURDY!  No rips or tears in mine and I  
> used it alot.  It never soaked through even if I was out in the rain  
> all day.  Dried fast and they are washable too.  You can find them  
> online and sometimes Sierra Trading has deals on them.  I paid about  
> $20 for a new complete rainsuit for this yr at Sierra Trading.   
> There are womens and mens sizes at Frogg Toggs.    I don't think  
> they come in bibs tho... only pants and a jacket.  Check them out!
> So I went to their website. There are rain suits. I did find some  
> bibbies, but they come with jackets, $50. http://www.froggtoggsoutlet.com/frtoproanbsu.html
> I emailed them asking about just bibbies.
> So I checked the Gemplers site.  Guess the Frogg Toggs price isn't  
> so bad afterall:  http://www.gemplers.com/rain-bibs
> The http://www.gemplers.com/product/127679/Helly-Hansen-A-Series-Rain-Bibs#TAB-REVIEWS 
>  is $31 when you buy 3 or more and has 2 good reviews saying they  
> were purchased for crews and have lasted.  But still,  $31/person is  
> a lot for a veg crew.
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