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Here is the info from Ann Schauman:
Last yr I order a pr of Frogg Toggs, which construction workers and linemen
wear.  Got a men's small for me. The jacket was a bit tighter than I would
have liked, and the zipper ended up breaking by fall.  Still there were
snaps so I continued to use it...and use it I did! Frogg Toggs are
incredible!  Made out of the same stuff Wegmans shopping bags are made out
of...well the black ones, ie.  They are light weight and STURDY!  No rips or
tears in mine and I used it alot.  It never soaked through even if I was out
in the rain all day.  Dried fast and they are washable too.  You can find
them online and sometimes Sierra Trading has deals on them.  I paid about
$20 for a new complete rainsuit for this yr at Sierra Trading.  There are
womens and mens sizes at Frogg Toggs.    I don't think they come in bibs
tho... only pants and a jacket.  Check them out!
So I went to their website. There are rain suits. I did find some bibbies,
but they come with jackets, $50.
I emailed them asking about just bibbies.
So I checked the Gemplers site.  Guess the Frogg Toggs price isn't so bad
afterall:  http://www.gemplers.com/rain-bibs
EVIEWS is $31 when you buy 3 or more and has 2 good reviews saying they were
purchased for crews and have lasted.  But still,  $31/person is a lot for a
veg crew. 
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