[Market-farming] House to cut small Ag programs

Richard Stewart rstewart at zoomtown.com
Sat Mar 12 09:43:52 EST 2011

I think this can said to just about every cut.  We receive about 2500.00 a year for corn.  I'd not shed a tear to see that taken away so long as it happened to everyone.  I compete in what some consider a "free market" who have managed to attain sometimes as much as 75 THOUSAND dollars in grants with one of two results...they compete against me using tax payer monies or its wasted (in this case several urban market farm programs...here in Cincinnati they have consumed the better part of 300K with almost zero to show with large amounts of money handling the bureaucracy running the programs.

I know not every program is wasteful.  I understand that I understand how important the impact can be from government programs that support new technologies and infrastructure.  I strongly support research.  I shed no tears though when I get passed up for a hoop house grant and my neighbor gets a subsidized high tunnel just because that farmer is younger or less experienced.

Farmers need to make their farms work.  Our food infrastructure needs to be able to support itself and I think that when many of us want to see overall farm subsidies for the bog commodities end we should be able to stomach similar cuts to our type of agriculture as well.

The problem is BIG AG is probably going to keep theirs.

Just some thoughts on the issue.

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