[Market-farming] seed company info?

Patrick Mulkey mulkey at tunl.duke.edu
Fri Mar 11 13:00:11 EST 2011

Yes , I have used them and have no problems with them. As to own them don’t know and don’t care.

My suggestion if you don’t want to have a “conversation about Monsanto” then don’t bring it up.

Chapel Hill, NC

From: Deb Taft 
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 12:52 PM
To: Market-farming at lists.ibiblio.org 
Subject: [Market-farming] seed company info?

Does anyone use Twilley Seed Co?   

I'm just seeing their catalog for the first time and they have good prices on a couple of things I need. 

Also wondering if anyone knows about their ownership and whether they carry Monsanto/Seminis seed lines.
(Could we please avoid having the conversation again about whether Monsanto sucks or not? )


Mobius Fields
Sleepy Hollow NY

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