[Market-farming] Air Seeder -Homemade - Update

Dalew Farms dalew at phonenet.ca
Tue Mar 8 20:53:55 EST 2011

Just a bit of an update on my air seeder project.  I built a second plate 
and used 3/64 drill bit (that was the smallest I had!) instead of a 5/64. 
When I used it, I couldn't really see any difference between the two! :(  So 
far I've used them both for pelleted onions, and either one works good, and 
for raw onions, neither one really works at all uniformly.

Etienne had asked about pictures...On our website we do a weekly "blurb" for 
updating our customers, and we've put a couple pics of the seeder on there 
this week.  http://www.dalewfarms.ca/the-dalew-blurb/  (For anyone reading 
this in the archives, that link will lead you to our farm, but it will 
probably have nothing to do with the air seeder I built!)

Now, you can't make fun of my carpentry skills! LOL  I use the Joel Salatin 
carpentry philosophy when I'm doing projects......"good enough is perfect!"


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> Wow. cool stuff, thanks for sharing.  If you have a blog, it would be
> totally worthy of a post, with pics!
> On 11-03-03 10:01 AM, Dalew Farms wrote:
>> Yesterday, for the first time I used a home made air seeder in my
>> greenhouse.  I'll try to share the details on how I made it in case
>> thats helpful for anyone else!
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