[Market-farming] I dream of Alice

moon at ceva.net moon at ceva.net
Sun Mar 6 12:34:16 EST 2011

Calling all Alice G lovers,
  I've been styling new shoes, sweepers, cultivators for my 62 yr old  
#1 farm helper. I would much appreciate any photos,dialog, sites etc.  
I have her set up for a 5' wheelbase to straddle 2 rows, chging to 3  
for  carrots, etc.
  I was thinking of modifying 2- 14' row of spider wheels to fit btw  
plants. found some at:


  Yes cheaper but as efficient as Bezzerides,knives and spring hoes  
ala Market farm Implement fm Pa.? Then a simple sweep behind the rear  
wheel? Or must I have an arsenal of parts for each planting like seed  
wheels? t

Thanks, Ann, Va. zone7 lotsa weeds here.

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