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I removed the center wire (cutting against that wire) from the roll of re-wire leaving two foot strips wirh 

the stubs attached. Then cut pieces at the 14 th wire with stubs left to lock it into a circle, the stubs left

at the bottom make excellent anchors into the ground. 

Then with 3" wide 4 mil poly and 6d box mails used just like common pins in sewing we covered the 

cages leaving the excess poly at the top. Like "cloches" these went out with early tuffies

like broccoli and cabbage, until time to set tomatoes and peppers. (Mostly 2 plants per cage)

The extra poly can be opened and closedas the weather warrents, poly was removed 

entirely +- mid June.

Experience here was that support for tomatoes was only to keep fruits from touching the ground

and these 2 foot higth cages  did that very well, much sturdier than the garden store cages. 

Five foot high tomato cages were a horrible PITA , most were choped in half right there in the middle of their

maiden season. Here at 45 north our season was short enough that a tomato blossom was useless

after early August  so I used to do a severe pruning then just to make harvest easier, the only vine

management we did all season.

Those 40 acres of new glass house near here are making an almost good fruit which is the

markets retailing below the wholesale I was getting; so I am mostly happy I did not put in the 

co-generation facility that was looking so promising 10 years ago.



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>I am going to make some new cages for indeterminate tomatoes out of concrete wire.  If you use cages, what diameter are you using?
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