[Market-farming] compact fluorescents for plant starting

Rob Wallbridge rob at songberry.ca
Wed Mar 2 21:56:03 EST 2011

Hi Etienne,

I'd recommend keeping your eye on web classified in your area like Kijiji or
others. A month ago, I purchased a complete growlight system (3 4-foot
fluorescent fixtures, with a stand and shelving) that had been used for one
year, plus a MH fixture for $200. There's no bulb in the MH socket, and I
had to replace three tubes in the other, but the retail value of the
growlight system itself is over $500, and it took me 15 minutes to set it up
(with help from my 5-year-old). That was the best deal of about three
options listed in the space of a week. It seems like people get a hankering
to grow their own (whatever!) then quickly get disillusioned.

Good luck,

Rob Wallbridge
Songberry Organic Farm
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rob at songberry.ca
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On 11-03-02 04:21 PM, Thamnophis wrote:
> I understand the metal halide are the most efficient, and in a color
> temp that seedlings will most readily utilize. They are very hot
> though.
> I'm curious - how large an area do you anticipate the $250 system will

I need to cover 40 square feet (that is, 20 standard 10"x20" trays).
Something like 4' x 10'.  You remind me that I need to figure whether it
will be enough.  I presume this depends on the reflector.

> I'm not happy with the traditional 4 foot shop lights, but they are
> $16 complete with 6500k bulbs.

You're lucky to be able to source them so cheap.  Around here, I cannot
get them for less that 50$ (CAD, but still).  They do not ship well, so
I am loathe to buy on the Internet.
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