[Market-farming] The Sunday Times: Farmers' markets sell'supermarket' foods

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When I first bought the new farm in eastern SC (very close to NC and lots of myrtle beach traffic) the local farmers wanted to educate me on where to sell produce to make lots of money. I discovered quickly that running their version of a market farm was growing a few things yourself and resale-ing tractor trailer loads of watermelons, squash, butterbeans, pumpkins and the like obtained from the columbia state farmers market shipped in early from FLA and late from OH. I don't want to grow and sell this way. Even SC state dept agriculture says its okay and we will provide you a certified grown sign if a portion is grown your own.
I don't agree with this and don't see where my local and beach trafficers can continue paying resold 8 dollars for watermelons or pumpkins at a certfied SC grown stand albeit large and good looking but lots of soda grown. Find your niches and offer reasonably priced authentic farm grown fruit and vegetable products and stick to a good diversified farm plan. I for one believe reputation sells repeatedly.
Michelle Hromyak
Romy Farms
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Hmmm....interesting thought. Are we sure it has not yet been done?  And, then how do "we", whoever we is, decide "who" can use it?

  I agree, it would be wonderful to have some control, but the 'guvmint' doing it is scary. Ten years is a long time to wait for a definition of 'local' or 'farmers market'.  And, although California seems to do some of thus,  in our state, I am pretty sure that the "powers" don't understand themselves the difference.  It just is never easy, is it?

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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> . Here's a thought- how about trademarking "local" & "farmers market" the way corporations do?
> Alex McGregor
> Walden Farm

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