[Market-farming] The Sunday Times: Farmers' markets sell 'supermarket' foods

waldenfarm waldenfarm at bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 2 11:44:17 EST 2011

OK, Allison. You're right about policing ourselves. But there is going to be 
some "public" entity that will want to get in on the act. Maybe the move to 
define & REASONABLY regulate real farmers markets should be initiated by 
farmers and we should have a strong voice in how it's done. And as locally 
as possible. And we'll do that in all our spare time! :)

I guess all this "Local Produce" that's popping up in the supermarkets is a 
testament to how well we've gotten the word out- just like we built the 
organic market to see it taken over. But we've left the definitions in the 
hands of the money changers in the temple. Here's a thought- how about 
trademarking "local" & "farmers market" the way corporations do?

Alex McGregor
Walden Farm

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> And worse, I think, is that too many just don't care.  It's "called" a 
> farmers market, so I can feel virtuous shopping there. Don't confuse me 
> with "producer only" vs "resale". We have spent 8 years trying to get the 
> word out, with no support from local government, and still, in a fairly 
> small town, 'most' customers just don't "get it". But, we just have to 
> keep trying.  We police ourselves, and would prefer that, at least for 
> now. 

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