[Market-farming] The Sunday Times: Farmers’ markets sell ‘supermarket’ foods

waldenfarm waldenfarm at bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 2 09:34:06 EST 2011

Thanks for the article from The Times- informative & entertaining. The 
problem around here is that any yahoo can open a stand and call it a farmers 
market & the original farmers market here turned into mostly resale. People 
have the wrong idea about what a real farmers market is. So, getting the 
word out that our market is "all local, farmer grown & sold" is difficult.

I think we need to define "farmers market" as well as "local." This can be 
at the federal level, but our government, bless their hearts, tend to 
complicate soup & sandwiches and is more & more run by corporations. I don't 
think I want them  (the corps.) defining these terms. The state level would 
do, but even better, county & local entities.

Side note- when I was managing a market in North Georgia, a disgruntled 
"farmers market" stand owner just down the hway complained to the GA Dept. 
of Ag. about farmers selling jelly, pickles, etc. The supervisor for that 
part of GA came by the market, read our bylaws (farmer owned & controlled) 
and said we were under the same exemption to health & Dept. of Ag. regs. as 
on-farm stands- no authority. That's good news for real farmers markets in 
GA. In TN we are under the same Health Dept. rules as food processors for 
value added & the same as caterers for preparing and giving out samples. 
AWFUL! Some more reasonable & realistic regulations for these would be 

Thanks for the therapy session- blowing off steam about the "Regulators."

Alex McGregor
Walden Farm 

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