[Market-farming] tomato taste

Marlin Burkholder burkholders at glenecofarm.com
Tue Mar 1 18:35:27 EST 2011

I like my "Blossers" and "Showalters", good ole Shenandoah Valley family
heirlooms that stand right up there along side of my bicolor "Old Germans"
and yes, "Brandywines".  Another rising star is a potato leaf orange oxheart
type called "Lydia's Orange".  And speaking of oxheart shaped goodies,  I
can't fail to mention "Red Strawberry" despite the lamentable fact that it
has the maddening weakness shared by many oxheart types, a wimpy stalk.  It
is about as easy to trellis as a pumpkin vine.  In general though, any
tomato, (including many hybrids) is going to taste good if you grow it

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