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We do a two winter markets.  One is a static location that moves from a public space outdoors to and indoor facility located in a nearby Church.  The weeks leading up to and in between the winter holidays are usually pretty darn busy and then its sort of hit or miss.  In the winter we sell honey, milled grains, and dried herbs and we bring educational material and do a whole lot of talking with other vendors and do a potluck dinner.  Post Christmas the market can be dead and then slowly comes back to life by the end of February and people start chomping at the bit to out doors and traffic steadily increases. We usually are a one stop shopping point during the holidays, meat, milk, eggs, fresh greens, beans, grains, you name it.  Which is essential.

Its fun, ints continuity and one of the few markets in Cincinnati outside of our big 365 days a year historic Findlay market that does this.  There are a couple that do other things like drop offs similar to a delivered CSA, where we send out what we have available via email and then they send it to market goers that signed up for the "winter Market" and orders are placed two days prior to delivery.  Its not a huge point of sale for me, but I reschedule winter deliveries to chefs and retailers on those days so its more extra money for the trip rather than a losing proposition.

Because we are so active with chefs we use these markets as a forum to promote those businesses we support and thus our chefs and retailers get additional value out of using us as a source of local food.


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