[Market-farming] Market Continuity

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 22:06:01 EDT 2011

After a few vendors were doing monthly sales informally, together we
got permission to do once per month during Jan, Feb and March.  Our
market runs biweekly 'til Thanksgiving; weekly 'til Christmas.

A public relations coup was a local TV news station that did a piece
on our fresh veggies in Jan.  We had pea shoots, arugula, cress, not
much, but to this day my two kids she interviewed still get comments
about what they brought to market in Jan.

In our area, March could support 2x, but it's a challenge to have the
volume in Jan, so I think we'll stay at 1x per month.  And we need the
3 weeks off!

Lots more demand for product than supply last winter.  We are
adjusting crop selection and timing accordingly.  We charge more for
the pain of picking the field crops under cover, but still sell out.

Back to earlier discussion of crop selection for winter:  Pam Dawling
said I should promote spinach as a dependable winter crop and I agree
that one was left out.  We'll be planting more, as it's much easier to
pick it in volume vs. leaf lettuce or arugula.  Root crops are also
harvested all winter here, and sell well.

Territorial Seed Company has a fall and winter catalog, that features
veggies that excel into and through winter.  If you get the
opportunity, worth a tour of their winter trial grounds in Oregon.

Richard Moyer
Current trial is having lettuce at market all summer.

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