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In the past we have a lot of trouble with field mice, especially it we are  
dry in the area.
Phil from Iowa

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We're having a lot of trouble with something  chewing our drip tape. We 
haven't caught them in the act nor have we found  droppings yet to help us 
decide if it is rabbits or rats or voles etc. I  looked at the archives and the 
advice I found to deal with this was:

-  cover the tape
- sprinkle blood meal

Has anyone tried either or both  of those with any success? How about 
providing supplemental water (in a small  tank or saucer) nearby but not in the 
crop field? We're tired of fixing major  leaks in the drip tape every day. 
Our other thought is to add a much lower  wire to our electric fence which 
would in theory stop rabbits and larger  varmints like raccoons but not 

Any advice or real life  feedback is appreciated. 

Barking Cat Farm
NE Texas where the  forecast is hot & dry with a chance of hotter & drier 
by the  weekend
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