[Market-farming] was (no subject) - those hacker/spammers

Bill Cromwell wrcromwell at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 12:36:10 EDT 2011


You wondered about motives. There are actually people who look at the
ads being spewed and then buy whatever is being promoted. Most people
are annoyed but the perpetrators are trying to get as many people to
look at the 'ads' as they can. If they can hijack (borrow) your email
account and the good name that goes with it then people like *me* will
see that it's from you and open it. Maybe I'll buy whatever they're
selling. They don't even have to sell very much because the advertising
"media" they are using is so very *cheap*.

Some people do it for the "power" or "ego" trip but most of them are
just greedy. It's all about getting money. The worst of the lot try to
get access to your checking/savings accounts. Again... it's all about

Having a *hard* password is the best protection from them. If your email
gets 'borrowed' usually changing the password locks it again...until the
next time somebody breaks it. Even the most secure systems can be broken
with enough resources but don't make it easy.

I am personally on the edge of abandoning Yahoo altogether. You might
see my email change on here or I might simply VAni  s     h.


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