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It does seem to be getting worse.  Also I've gotten a few private e-mails in response to posts I made from people who have the problem of these sort of e-mails being sent in their name, I don't feel I can take the risk of opening those, and am starting to wonder if its prudent to respond to others as I might miss something and unwittingly end up becoming one of the "zombies" myself.  I suppose the moderators could put in some sort of filter to avoid these being sent out but at some point, when these attacks become more sophisticated, it just might become too much work for them to justify and the list might not be worth it to them anymore.  I wonder if something like creating a new list and abandoning this one might be the answer eventually.  I don't know why cybervandalism is so popular, though my take on it is that its some sort of juvenile power trip, but it seems to be the way of things.
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