[Market-farming] Undersowing sweet corn

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what about pole beans?

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To add to Pam and Etienne:
Having grown up picking, shelling and eating them, will also suggest
pinkeye and other southern (field) peas, aka cowpeas for undersowing
corn.  Shade tolerant, come up well in dry soil, resist Japanese and
Mexican bean beetles.  Have extrafloral nectaries to attract and feed
beneficial insects.  Seeds, once ripening and high in protein, can be
harvested by, or saved for poultry.  We enjoy eating them in the
'green shell' stage (though these pod colors vary).

Some pinkeye types have a tendency to run, which helps as a smother
crop, but also could pull down some weaker types of corn if planted
too early before corn matures.  When we plant with weaker corn types,
we untwist these wanderers from the stalks.  The growing cowpea tips
are edible, for humans and livestock.

Richard Moyer
Planting more cowpeas today

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Perhaps you should undersow edamame, and thus get a marketable crop out
of your smother crop?  No idea how well that would work, but it sounds
like an interesting idea.  I might try it eventually.

On 11-06-23 08:32 AM, Lova Andriamanjay wrote:
> Thank you Pam for your reply. I will definitely try soybeans!
> Lova
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