[Market-farming] Winter Market Planning

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
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We did our first winter market, once per month, last winter, 10-2 pm.
Our weekly farmers market lasts until Christmas.
One challenge was keeping veggies from freezing, during Jan.
Field crops we're planning for late fall/winter sales include:
Daikons, Austrian Winter Pea shoots (both planted as cover crops)
Cold hardy brassicas, lettuces, mache, arugula
Root crops including carrots, beets, turnips, parsnips.
All of these covered with med-weight row cover to slow ground from
freezing, and can make harvesting under a light snowfall easier.
Turnips and carrots continue to size up under the row cover.
Our snows seldom persist, so insulation with snow usually not an
option.  Under rowcovers, we store most crops in the field, as we lack
a walk-in or a root cellar.

Now that we have an unheated high tunnel, we grow more and harvest
more during late fall and winter, and have a comfortable workspace.
But field crops still a big part of our production.  For late fall,
winter and early spring, for our table, our livestock, markets and

More ideas from others appreciated, especially field-grown crops for
winter markets and for chefs.
Richard Moyer

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Interested to hear about winter market project
planning...................crops and storage etc.


and that is something we want to push as we start a fall/winter market.

 Beth Spaugh

 Rehoboth Homestead, Peru NY

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