[Market-farming] wholesale questions

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at outlands.ca
Fri Jun 17 09:55:44 EDT 2011

On 11-06-17 09:45 AM, Road's End Farm wrote:
> The big potential disadvantage, of course, is that if for any reason  
> you can't get at the web, you can't get at your files, either. And, if  
> something goes seriously wrong at the hosting site, you may never see  
> them again.

For the former, that's definitely something to keep in mind if your
Internet connection is wonky.  For the later, I wouldn't worry too much:
we are talking about Google here, not some fly-by-night web startup ...  :)

> I'd recommend at least doing frequent backups to something you store  
> offline. As I've never tried Google Doc, I don't know whether that's  
> easy to do.

You can export the documents in various formats (notably, MS Office).

That being said, not having to do backup is another good reason to use
GDocs: I trust Google's computing infrastructure more than I do mine
(including backups).


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