[Market-farming] wholesale questions

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at outlands.ca
Fri Jun 17 08:48:07 EDT 2011


On 11-06-17 07:24 AM, Richard Stewart wrote:
> The question I think, is how you manipulate and handle the data on your
> end.  We are still changing from a static behind the desk system to a
> more fluid in the field office.  It is also essential to be able to
> track raw data in terms of what is ordered over a year from each
> customer.  That all comes down to spreadsheets and proper data entry at
> the time of ordering.  That is nothing but Excel or Pages (for us Mac
> users).

You should consider dumping Excel/Pages in favor of Google Doc.  It's a
web-based office suite that includes a basic but functional spreadsheet.
 The big gain for your workflow here is that you will not have to bounce
the speadsheet files around, as you access them through the web.  So
anywhere you have a device that can access the web, you can access all
your files.  In my case, I am planning on keeping a 100$ refurbished
laptop as a web terminal in the produce area precisely for that purpose.

If you have multiple users that needs to edit the files, you can setup a
share system where you selectively grant read/write access.  Another
interesting thing is that you can edit a file collaboratively; that is,
more than users can edit the same file at the same time.  That can be
interesting for remote collaboration.

The only downside to Google Doc I can think of is that there is no good
smart phone client for it yet.  Of course, you can access it through the
smart phone browser, but it is a bit cramped.  Newer version of Android
reportedly have a good Docs client, but I have not tried it yet.

If you already have a gmail account, you can try out Google Docs by
clicking "Documents" in the top menu bar.  It does a pretty good job of
importing MS Office documents, so yo can get going right away by
importing your current template and such.

In my case, I am going further by using Google Apps for my domain.  My
@outlands.ca emails are hosted on gmail too, so I can do pretty much
everything within one UI.

It's raining here, at last.  We had only 10mm in the past two weeks!


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