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Gary its a burgundy boston from Johnny's called Skyphos.   We usually get our bulk heavy seeded seeds from organic/untreated Seedway since the pricing is better, but lately the prices seem fairly similar.   We sell all our lettuce by the pound, which messes up some of buyers the first time they deal with us, but we tell them they are buying bulk by weight not by number and they seem to like this better in the long run.   We also mix our heads in with the bags of salad mix.

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On Jun 14, 2011, at 8:09 AM, Gary Scott wrote:

> Dido water and shade cloth....I am  using a 50% block 10' x 100' cloth over 3/4" bent EMT (own the bender from Johnny's Seeds). 
> The varieties that I like are Nevada, Avenue, Cherokee, and New Red Fire. I wholesale some heads and have had many discussions about head size. Many buyers are stuck on the head lettuce they are use to getting that weighs about 3/4 LB with 24 in the wax shipping boxes (forced to use them, but I hate em!) I tend to cut my heads smaller than 1/2 LB. I also will make a mix  out of heads for the farm market through the summer.
> Richard what is the buttercrunch variety that you mentioned?
> Thanks,
> Gary Scott
> Twin Springs Farm, VA

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