[Market-farming] Potato seed problem?

Mike Rock mikerock at mhtc.net
Tue Jun 14 17:41:38 EDT 2011

I am cutting up late potato seed today.  The Kennebec had black streaks 
in the top six inches of certified seed.  The bottom foot was fine, so I 
got enough.  The black looks like marbling in a cake, not the occasional 
black spot you normally see at the surface and in a bit.

What is it?  A few had hollow centers and pink mold in the cavity too. 
This is the first I have seen either of the black or the pink mold.

The Red Pontiacs, the Yukons and the Norlands were all perfect.

Thanks for any help.


Got the old Aspinwall planter tuned up and it works just like it did 
sixty years ago...very well!

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