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Carla I just really get tired of this family's really cheap prices when the 
 rest of the vendors have had to put up with this for a long time.  Our  
region has a lot of problems, major flooding currently is really going to very 
 expensive and putting a lot of people out of their homes and our markets 
have  been very low on customer count that is actually spending money to buy  
food.  A lot of the leavis are breaking today with the 36' level and the  
old Mud Mo is getting wider every day.  All this mess is heading south at a  
very rapid rate, look out KC.
I really think they do grow what they are selling, but why sell below  
wholesale.  What we can't sell at markets go the the local shelters and  they 
actually come to the market at the end of the day to take what vendors  wants 
to donate, needless to say our donations the last two weeks has been quite  
Has your Broccoli getting any better, we sell broccoli to the farm to  
school program in Co Bluffs, and Omaha for their summer school programs, and our 
 broccoli will only hold a couple day's this year, I blame this really 
crazy  weather, 100 one day and 60 the next, and lots of rain.  We Hydrocool out 
 of field and bring it down to 34 degrees within 20 min's out of the field, 
but  the heads very quickly turn, new experience for this product for us.
We will have salad mix all summer along with Micro Greens thanks to a shady 
 building I put in the under the willow trees, works better than our shade 
cloth  building.
Phil from Iowa
_www.timberridgelamb.com_ (http://www.timberridgelamb.com/) 
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