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WE have  a vendor that has a couple of large booth's in our market and  
they are so cheap that they don't even to try to compete in our market, they  
just give it away because their comment is we have to sell all of it, and it 
is  a lot.  Truth is they just plain and simple overwhelm our market with so 
 much product, no one else can even get close to grocery store price.  I  
counted 126 cases of lettuce, 25 cases of greens, lettuce 3/1.00 greens .50 a 
 bunch.  If our market was as big as it used to be maybe the other vendors  
would have a chance, but now the parking is a mess in the old market area 
with  so much going on every weekend and our regular customers are using 
other  markets in town on Saturday, they have no less than 5 other markets in 
town on  Saturday Mornings and three on Sunday.  What a thrill, College World 
Series  starts this Saturday, I love the games, but sales really suck 
because this  series puts 3 Million people in town for 10 days and if you need to 
go downtown  Omaha for the next week, forget it unless you take a bus or 
have a personal paid  for parking spot.
People that go to these events are not going to buy vegetables, they are  
looking for fun, not food.  This market is a ton of fun to attend, but when  
some vendors are not even using common sense in sales it hurts the whole 
market,  and they expect everyone to be as cheap as the other vendors in the  
market.  Laura Hodges touched on this a while back, some vendors need to  
spend a little more time figuring there actual cost of production of each  
product they are growing.  We do around 400 bunches of green each week  mostly 
wholesale because of pricing in markets, 1.42 last week to 1.75 a bunch  to 
our wholesale outlets and they stop at the farm and pick up.  We get  2.00 at 
the markets and sell ok so why in the world would anyone sell for .50 a  
bunch.  Figure the time, pick, wash, bundle,and cool, and sell for  .50.  I 
figured our cost at .72 a bundle, with no labor bill.  
I think some of these conferences in the winter need to do a little more on 
 marketing of vegetable products and show how you actually do make a good 
living  in this business,  volume is good but selling below cost is just 
plain  stupid, and it actually hurts your whole market when selling below cost 
of  production.
Phil from Iowa
_www.timberridgelamb.com_ (http://www.timberridgelamb.com/) 
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