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Mon Jun 13 06:34:25 EDT 2011

Ok, I'll throw out an alternative view. For me, scapes are something I've
got to get off the
plant, they're not the primary crop (sort of like selling tomato suckers if
they were edible). Pay me
to get them off the plant and into town and it's good.
On the heads- the primary crop, like other crops, I'm happy to step
on the gas and charge as much or more as the market will bear. But for me,
scapes are one of those things
that I use as a relief valve for customers that have been supporting me
through those critical spring months.
I've been getting $3/lb in a developing scape market. We'll pre-bag (at
market) a few 1/4lb bags. People paying
$32/lb for basil, $4/lb for potatoes will get some scapes and it balances
But I also still use a hanging scale instead of worrying that I didn't get
the last penny out of every sale.
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