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My scapes are earlier than anyone else's around here, and we have one market
with folks who have learned about them, so I sold them at 20 for $4
yesterday.  Sold about 5 lbs!!!  Yes, I sold some folks 5 or 10, but if we
price them at 5 for $1, folks buy 5, and most folks went ahead and bought
20, particular after I told them will last in a plastic bag in the frig at
least a month.  I looked online and saw a range of pricing.  Last year our
most popular veggie vendor (good sales people) sold scapes I think 5 for $1,
while I was doing 10 for a $1. I expect when others' have scapes our price
will go down, but maybe not.  Or if someone wants a lot I will probably do
$5/lb or similar (1000 row feet of garlic makes lots of scapes). 


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Hi All.


I'm about to start harvesting garlic scapes and am wondering how to price
them.  Do you do it by the piece, bunch, pound/oz ?  How much are you





Mobius Fields

Sleepy Hollow / Waccabuc NY






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