[Market-farming] What will you be planting this month?

Robin Follette list at seasonseatingsfarm.com
Sun Jun 12 08:45:46 EDT 2011

>>I'm surprised a bit by the cole crops going in through July. (I'm a
newbie though so lots of things surprise me!) But I thought they would
bolt if exposed to summer heat. If I understood you guys right, you'll
be planting seeds of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels
sprouts with the intention of transplanting them out in 4-6 weeks?

That's what I do. I'm in Maine. Our summers can be very hot (100* days last summer, 90*+ already this year). As long as the plants are forming heads during heat I have no problem with them. I choose varieties that are longer to maturity than the plants I set out in early spring. 

>>I'm also a little surprised by the lettuce. I didn't think it would
grow in July-August heat?

Boone County,. IA

Choose varieties that do well in heat and watch them closely. Keep them well watered.  Anuenue is one of my favorite summer varieties. 

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