[Market-farming] What will you be planting this month?

Jay Sleichter jaysleichter at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 11 01:15:32 EDT 2011

I will be planting more green beans, bush type, every three weeks. I planted some tonight.  I need to till under the first planting. Too many bugs and too weedy after all the rain.

I am going to transplant some cucumbers, H-19 Little leaf and Diva into plastic mulch and cover them with row cover. The Diva's hopefully tomorrow after market, the other next week or two.

Finish transplanting the remaining Okra seedlings. I started too many and I just hate wasting them.

Finish planting the rest of my winter squash project, a little over 1/3 of an acre.  I got 1/3 of it in already.  Should have been in several weeks ago.

Plant a second crop of tomatoes for late summer.  These are really big transplants that I didn't get sold in May.  Then get the early fall planting in. Probably 50-100 plants each time.

Clean out one hoop building of bolted lettuce, spinach, radishes and weeds.  Till up, flame weed and plant early fall carrots and scallions for mid August to late August harvest.

Start another planting of zucchini to transplant late June/early July for a Mid August harvest. Probably the same with cucumbers.  Start first planting of fall Broccoli and Cauliflower soon. Then the second planting later this month.

Continue to harvest, sell at 4 markets a week (two on Wednesday and two on Saturday my wife and I split up and hit two markets each day), weed and water. Finish the rails the movable buildings to move to their third spot.

Doesn't sound too bad!

Zone 5 North Central Kansas

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