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Diakon varieties are often specific to the season (some are better planted
in the spring versus summer versus fall) so it is best to make sure you get
one recommended for fall harvest.  In my experience, they can be planted
most any time of year (paying attention to variety selection), and in
succession, for prolonged harvest.  They are a large radish but grow pretty
fast...50-60 days to harvest.  They push up out of the ground so it will be
obvious when they are large enough to harvest (generally as thick as your
forearm).  In my (silt loam) soil (and depending on moisture conditions),
they pull right up without digging although I do end up breaking a few.  I
grip them by the part of the root that is sticking up out of the ground and
pull *straight* up.  If you leave them in the ground too long they will get
damaged by critters or split.  They store quite a long time in a walk-in
cooler so it is best to just harvest them when they are ready even if you
cannot sell them right away.  By the way, I am using my Jang push seeder to
seed them and it is working great.  I also recommend using row cover to keep
out the flea beetles.


On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 11:39 AM, Mac <gofish54 at centurytel.net> wrote:

> Planning our fall plantings and have not grown daikon before.  Do they get
> planted when the turnips go in?  I was wondering if they would need more
> time than that.  Also, when do they need to be harvested?
> Mac
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