[Market-farming] Colorado Potato Beetles

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Hi Dave,


I used neem oil last year against CPB on my potatoes and eggplant. It was
very effective against the immature bugs, but didn't seem to provide total
control of the adults. 


Spinosad is marketed as Entrust here in Canada, too, and it is definitely
the organic control of choice. However, it is only available in relatively
large formats, and you need to have your pesticide application license in
order to purchase and apply it. 





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The question on Neem oil for squash bugs reminded that I'd been planning to
check with folks on this list about using neem oil on Colorado Potato
Beetles.  The research I've done so far seem contradictory on how successful
it is on CPB.  


Last year we used, quite successfully, a combination of DE and Rotenone as a
dust once the populations got out of hand for hand picking.  But due to a
cosmetic pesticide ban that's been put in place in the province of Ontario,
we are (so far) unable to get this product for this year. (I'll leave out
any sarcastic comments about organic pesticides being placed into that ban,
or the "cosmetic" portion of that for another debate when I have more spare


I've checked with Johnny's, and they can not send to Canada the Azaguard
product, which is a neem oil product.  I can find other neem oil products I
could order though.  I do have some Mycotrol on the way, but from what I
understand that is a preventative product more so than an emergency
treatment.  Our populations are not in the emergency range yet, but we are
seeing some CPB pressure so I'll try to start using the Mycotrol as soon as
it arrives.  If anyone has any experience with that product I'd love to hear
about it.  I'm hoping it will prevent much hatching from happening...we just
found a few eggs for the first time yesterday in our patches.







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Please give an update on the results. I have found neem oil spray is not up
to the task on squash bugs. In fact they are one of my most challenging
beasts and while neem is great for aphids and white flies, for me it does
not phase the mighty SB.

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