[Market-farming] new drip hose

Richard Robinson rrobinson at nasw.org
Wed Jun 8 10:11:41 EDT 2011

On 6/8/2011 at 10:09:48 AM, sora at coldreams.com wrote:
>> I do not have filters on my system and have never had it clog, but I'm
> also running drinking grade water into the system.  I'm only doing a half
> acre but I have friends in the area doing up to 5 acres with the soaker hose.
> They also have never had problems with clogging.  

This is all pretty interesting. Is the water going into the hose at house pressure, or are 
you reducing it? Any problems with more water leaking out early in the run, and too little 
at the end?

  Richard Robinson
  Hopestill Farm

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