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sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Tue Jun 7 18:37:21 EDT 2011

> I've heard from home gardeners who said that even with a filter their
> soaker hose clogged up in fairly short order and quit working. It also
> seems that it would be a whole lot harder to move around in large
> quantities -- isn't it heavy? And, if it's from recycled tires, is
> their any question of its leaching miscellanous materials out into the
> water?
> And what does it cost, if you need thousands of feet of it? I've never
> seen it in longer lengths than 50' or maybe 100'.
> -- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 5 mostly
> Fresh-market organic produce, small scale
> I do not have filters on my system and have never had it clog, but I'm
also running drinking grade water into the system.  I'm only doing a
half acre but I have friends in the area doing up to 5 acres with the
soaker hose. They also have never had problems with clogging.   I used
to pull it up every winter but have learned that is not necessary.  When
it is time to rototill we just move it to the side.  Heavier than drip
tape but lighter than hose, it's pretty impervious to critter damage and
does not fall apart when buried in mulch or dirt.  As I said, some of
mine is 10 years old and still looks the same.
I know it's available in 500' rolls, but I don't know from where in your
area.  I'm also not sure on cost since mine is 6-10 years old but
considering how long it lasts combined with eliminating all the time
involved in dealing with the $%^&&*)! drip tape, I found it well worth the
As to the leaching question, I have asked that here and gotten no answers.
 I've tested my beds and found nothing hazardous.  Regular hose and drip
tape would probably have some leaching also unless it was all food grade.
Anyone else out there done any research on this issue?
                                      Sora at Paradise Valley Organics
                                      finally starting up the CSA!

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