[Market-farming] Red potato storage

Vern and Amy vaspencer at sisna.com
Tue Jun 7 08:32:54 EDT 2011

We are contemplating a new cellar (if we can find some money and time!)  
Our potatoes have been in the otherwise unused basement for 8 months 
now, and look great (with some large sprouts because I told Dad to lay 
off keeping them cold with cold night air a couple weeks back).  We  try 
to dry them off for a couple weeks with box fans blowing across the 
stacks of potato sacks.  Then we try to keep them between 35 and 40 
degrees with the doors and windows.  This would not work in the summer 
here.  It gets down to 40 often, but that will not cool the basement to 
that temp.  A refrigerated cooler would keep them cold enough, but the 
humidity might not be high enough.

Good idea on the light bulbs.  I have been considering what to do about 


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