[Market-farming] Old Drip Tape

Barking Cat Farm barkingcatfarm at mindspring.com
Sun Jun 5 12:14:19 EDT 2011

On Jun 5, 2011, at 9:27 AM, Road's End Farm <organic87 at frontiernet.net> wrote:

> Spent way too much time last year trying to patch some  
> tape that had too many holes.

This method of patching small driptape leaks was one of the most valuable things we learned last year. Just to add one small thing to Rivka's excellent description, we use yellow electrical tape for our patches.  It all costs the same, regardless of color, and the contrasting color lets us see quickly when it's time to replace a heavily patched section. 

Laurie in NE TX, where summer is here with a vengeance

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