[Market-farming] Spider Mites

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Sat Jun 4 21:56:39 EDT 2011

Hi Steve (and all),

I had a serious spider mite infestation on basil I was growing in a
greenhouse two years ago.  A buddy of mine told me all I had to do was spray
them with water to knock them off the plants and it was "too far" for them
to climb back up.  I had basil growing on both sides of the greenhouse with
nothing planted along the length of the center portion of the greenhouse.
Always up for an experiment I sprayed one side with water using a gallon
sized sprayer and left the other.  The non-sprayed side was eventually lost,
but the sprayed side perked right back up and showed no new mite damage.
I've also heard Neem Oil works very well but seemed to costly to me with how
much I would have had to use.

Ben Saunders
Farm Manager
Turtle Farm:  Certified Organic fruits, veggies and herbs
Granger, Iowa

On Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 12:46 PM, Steve Diver <steved at ipa.net> wrote:

> With the hot, dry, dusty conditions in Texas I'm seeing
> spider mites on portions of tomato fields.
> Curiously, they get started on on caged rather than stake-and-weave.
> Anybody have experience suppressing them with organic
> allowed materials?
> Will also be looking into beneficial insects and insectary habitat,
> but need something quicker for now.
> Oh yeah, along with these dry conditions, been seeing gigantic
>  "dirt devils" this year.
> Steve Diver
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