[Market-farming] sweet potato slip question

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I agree. Its good to think about the balance between roots and shots in
plants. I would leave 1-2 leaves to produce food for the new roots, which
will then support development of new leaves.



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I think I'd take off some of that foliage when you plant them so the balance
between water loss via leaves and intake capacity is a little better
balanced.  We usually plant fresh vine cuttings without any roots in
Dominica.  Most native farmers take off all/most of leaves.  (I like to
leave a few -- aesthetics?  perversity?)     


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On Jun 3, 2011, at 9:58 PM, Road's End Farm wrote:


On Jun 3, 2011, at 4:59 PM, Beth Spaugh wrote:

In the past when I received sweet potatoes, they had very few leaves and a
few roots. The 1000 that came today have plenty of beautiful leaves but no
(zero) roots.  


I would be surprised to get them that way; but they'll probably grow. When I
grow my own, I usually plant slips that haven't rooted yet as well as those
that have; most of them usually grow just fine.


Of course, I ignore instructions and put mine in water to hold them, and/or
to root, whether they're my own slips or I have to buy them (this year it's
some of each as the mice got into my storage and I didn't have enough good
ones left to grow enough of my own.) 


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