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Fri Jun 3 16:59:41 EDT 2011

In the past when I received sweet potatoes, they had very few leaves and a
few roots. The 1000 that came today have plenty of beautiful leaves but no
(zero) roots.  In the past, instructions were to not put them in water but
plant them and they would grow.  It is windy, and I am using black plastic
this year, and that doesn't sound favorable. My soil is not sandy and
getting real good soil contact with the whole stem will be a challenge
through a little hole in the plastic.  Anyone gotten "slips" before and can
advise me? Should I stick them in potting soil and let them get a few roots?


Actually last year, I got some beautiful plants that were about a foot tall,
lots of leaves, and lots of roots.  In the end I had sweet potatoes that had
circled around, and I thought maybe that was because they had so many roots
to start with and I had not known to be sure the roots were straight when I
put them in????


Thank you.


Beth Spaugh

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