[Market-farming] Irene????

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Mon Aug 29 17:29:33 EDT 2011

Hi Sora,

Doing fine thank you.  Had to put the sides back on the 30x96 foot
greenhouse before Irene came.  I do not normally put the sides back on until
mid October around first frost.  I also put strips of plastic as try downs
every 24 feet.  I think they helped immensely.  The wind tends to blow along
the ridge and form a ridge and trough that when it gets to the end makes a
really loud snapping (it has to be rough on the plastic). These try downs
seemed to reduce the severity.  Only had 5 inches of rain and 65 mph winds.
Lost power for an hour Sat. night, but was back on then through the rest of
the storm.  Three greenhouse structures came through the ordeal great.
Can't get into Vineland or Millville very easily, since most roads are
flooded around the Maurice River.  It is rough having the 30 KWH
photovoltaic system the does not work if the power goes out (can't afford to
electrocute a linesman fixing the grid).  Hope everyone else fared as well.

Maury Sheets
Woodland Produce
South jersey  p.s. I think our drought is over now- Philly had 19 inches
this month and only gets 42 inches a year.

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>I know we have folk all up and down the Eastern coast and Vermont on this
list.  How are you all!!!???
                                       Sora, concerned

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