[Market-farming] Irene????

Sue Wells farmersue at myfairpoint.net
Mon Aug 29 16:07:11 EDT 2011

Thank you very much for asking. I am in the north central part. My farm is
fine. I have no idea how much rain we got, it did rain hard all of
yesterday, and early AM. I am not sure when we started getting the hard
rains, but maybe 6 inches, I have no idea. We were so very fortunate we did
not have any damage. The ground is very saturated, but it will dry out soon.

I am just one of the very fortunate ones, others are having a very difficult
time. The southern part got hit the hardest. But, still so many also got hit
very hard that were not in the southern part. So much devastating damage
done in Vermont, so many roads washed out, the rivers are flooding and many
have not crested yet, but will. 

>I know we have folk all up and down the Eastern coast and Vermont on this
list.  How are you all!!!???
                                       Sora, concerned

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