[Market-farming] Market-farming Digest, Vol 103, Issue 25

Michael Libsch mmlibsch at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 28 18:56:39 EDT 2011

Like many of you, I have been forced to take a day off by Irene. I hope that everyone's farms and gardens are faring well in the storm. 

Since this is tomato season, I wanted to ask people which heirloom varieties they have been having success with this summer. 

I live in upstate NY where we have a late spring and a warm summer. This year the spring and early summer were rainy. July was very dry and August has been quite rainy. 

The varieties that have had the fewest disease problems and least splitting in my garden include: Orange banana, Speckled Roman Paste, Green Zebra, and Brandy wine, and Pineapple. Probably in that order. The first 2 which are paste tomatoes have been very resistant to splitting. 

Varieties that have not done well include Cherokee Purple - plants and fruit very diseased with many black spots, Nyagous - almost all fruit split badly, and Beauty Queen- lots of splitters. Most of my cherry tomatoes have also split- I grow Sungold, 5 star grape, Lollipop, and Yellow Pear.

Thanks for your input.


New Leaf Farm

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> http://www.keenanauction.com/auction.cgi?&i=2265
> This auction has 6 "Hoop Houses" and the guy had an interesting
> of other goodies! 
> MAsteveINE
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