[Market-farming] Pole beans (was Harvest cart - Crawler or Drangen)

Vern and Amy vaspencer at sisna.com
Fri Aug 26 09:17:53 EDT 2011

I haven't tried this, but what about using field fence for the first 3 
I have put beans and peas on 7.5' welded wire mesh (6"x6") used for 
concrete reinforcing in floors.  Works well, is not galvanized, so no 
danger of poisonous fumes in burning old vines, but is somewhat unwieldy 
to work with.  Years of experience getting it to lay down flat comes in 
You can get your building supply store to get you 200' rolls of 7.5' or 
5' or sheets 20' long.  These also can make great tomato cages.  I just 
saw at Home Depot panels of something like 4'x6'.

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Cocolalla, Idaho

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