[Market-farming] Market-farming Digest, Vol 103, Issue 23

sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Thu Aug 25 18:40:26 EDT 2011

>Oh how horrible Marlin....what an incredible nightmare
As a raspberry grower here in the NW I've heard nothing of this.  I just
connected with Customs who has no problem with folk bringing raspberries
over the Canadian border.  Because there are "no known problems"
Some fruit flies like fungus gnats can be controlled with BT Isrealensis.
The best of luck.  My heart goes out to you!       Sora
                                      At Paradise Valley Organics where
                                      Raspberry season just ended.

> For the first time in nearly 20 years of growing the fall crop of Heritage
> red raspberries we are having serious problems with some sort of fruit fly
> that apparently lays its eggs in beginning to ripen berries.  As the fruit
> ripens it suddenly goes soft.  Close inspection of the damaged fruit
> reveals
> small difficult to see maggots.  At first I thought it was just overripe
> berries because we were not keeping up with the picking.  But now nearly
> all
> of the berries go soft and mushy as soon as they reach optimum ripeness.
> When I began growing raspberries years ago we would begin picking the crop
> in the final week of August or early September.  Now we have to begin
> picking a month earlier and this year its looking like the whole crop is
> going to crash before the end of August.  This appears to be a new pest on
> our block. We have noticed the occasional raspberry fruit worm in the
> ripening crop and minor to moderate damage to growing canes early in the
> season by the red necked cane borer but neither of these pests have caused
> serious problems.
> Looks like we are now seeing 80 to 90% loss which is devastating!  I
> wonder
> what other raspberry growers are seeing and what they are doing about it.
> I
> may consider spraying an insecticide in late July next year but would
> prefer
> to use organic control methods.
> Marlin Burkholder
> Virginia's Shenandoah Valley

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