[Market-farming] New red raspberry pest

bobbett at windstream.net bobbett at windstream.net
Wed Aug 24 22:59:48 EDT 2011

---- Marlin Burkholder <burkholders at glenecofarm.com> wrote: 
> For the first time in nearly 20 years of growing the fall crop of Heritage
> red raspberries we are having serious problems with some sort of fruit fly
> that apparently lays its eggs in beginning to ripen berries. 

While I don't know what problem your berries are having, I feel for you.  This year I lost my entire black raspberry cane crop (not just the berries but ALL the plants) due to orange rust.  We didn't realize the rust was spread through the root system and that's why our berries were down 90% these past two seasons.

There's nothing organic or otherwise to control this.  We can only rip out the plants and put red raspberries in their place (they are immune to orange rust).  More black raspberries will go in new sites, and I hope the rust doesn't come back.  But in time, it might, since it's spread naturally through the native blackberry population :-(

Bobbett in KY

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