[Market-farming] New red raspberry pest

Richard Robinson rrobinson at nasw.org
Wed Aug 24 22:28:31 EDT 2011

On 8/24/2011 at 10:26:43 PM, Marlin Burkholder wrote:
> For the first time in nearly 20 years of growing the fall crop of Heritage
> red raspberries we are having serious problems with some sort of fruit fly
> that apparently lays its eggs in beginning to ripen berries.  As the fruit
> ripens it suddenly goes soft.  Close inspection of the damaged fruit reveals
> small difficult to see maggots.  

I am not familiar with this pest. Please let us know what you find out when you identify 
it. I'd suggest sending a sample to your Extension lab or state university agricultural 
entomology department.

  Richard Robinson
  Hopestill Farm

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