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We were members of a market that was quite unique and doing very  well.  We 
had a large Saturday market and two more during the week on  Tuesday and 
Thursday with a totally different crowd.  Everyone seemed to be  doing very 
well and then a produce auction house opened not so far away.   "Farmers" were 
driving and buying vs. growing.  They needed more days in  order to sell 
"their" crops!  So what used to be a "unique"  market  with plenty for 
everyone soon became a "Seven-Eleven" in four different  locations and operating 5 
days a week.  The yearly and daily dues went up  and so did the gas prices.  
So that meant that real farmers were losing  money...I know we did.  We had 
to drive 3 days a week to make what we used  to make in one Saturday!  We 
quit and now belong to a grower only market  and I'll be darned if they 
haven't decided to open a satellite market.  We  are seriously thinking farm 
stand at home!
Karin in  Kentucky_____________________________________________
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