[Market-farming] Beans (was: Re: Harvest cart - Crawler or Drangen)

Sean Albiston lab at physics.umn.edu
Tue Aug 23 10:21:33 EDT 2011

I've like both strike and gold rush from High Mowing.

Stillwater, MN

>> I use mostly pole beans, but rely on bush for early production.  I like
>> to
>> plant extra successions and pull the plants out of the ground as I
>> harvest.  I do an initial go-through stooped when they just start to
>> bean
>> out, but take the entire plant on the next go round so I can stand.
> That's an idea: grow the first round of early bush bean (ie, Provider)
> under fleece for added earliness, and then plant pole beans on plastic
> for a main season crop when the condition are good.  I like your idea of
> harvesting by pulling the plant.  I think this might work better with
> varieties that mature all at once, though.
> Which bush bean do you plant early in the season?  I tried Provider
> here, it works, but I think it does not have the best eating quality.
> Would love to find another early, cool soil bush bean that delivers.

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