[Market-farming] Harvest cart - Crawler or Drangen

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at outlands.ca
Mon Aug 22 13:49:16 EDT 2011

On 11-08-22 01:24 PM, Jen and Derek Campbell wrote:
> Hi, just wondering if anyone is using a motorized lay down harvest cart
> like the Crawler or the Drangen???  It's full on bean season and my back
> is killing me.  They are a big investment so was wondering what folks
> thought of them, thanks

This is also something I am much interested in.  Personally, I am more
interested in an electric one, as I would rather do without the noise
and fumes of a gas-powered one.

I also find picking beans to be excruciating.  Of all the farm chores,
it's the worst for me.  Every time I pick beans for more than 30
minutes, I got back aches for two days.  Considering beans have to be
picked every other days, well, do the math ...

I would be interested in any ergonomy tips people may have about picking
beans.  Personally, beside hiring someone to do it, I am considering two
strategies: growing pole beans, and getting a mechanized bean harvester.

Getting an harvester is a long shot, as single-row bean harvester are
not made anymore (that I know of), and used one are *very* hard to come
by.  Still, I keep an eye open.

Growing pole bean seems like a better idea in the short term. I am going
to try next season, outside, on IRT plastic.  I know treillising is a
lot of work, but I am going to be doing it for a couple crops anyway
(Sugar Snap, cucumber, etc).  The main problem with this, beside growing
in a not-ideal climate for pole beans, is market acceptance.  People
around here strongly prefer small beans, and beans longer than 6" will
be a hard sell.  Still, I am going to give it a shot.  We'll see.

Any comments/advices on the above two?  There is a *huge* market for
fresh beans in my area, and I sell them faster than I can pick.  It
would be wonderful if I could sell more of these profitably without
breaking my back!  :)

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