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Just a hot weather tip for green growers, we use our old cooler that just  
has an AC, to make a germination chamber for cool weather micro greens and  
lettuce, take out of the dark chamber after germination and put in shaded  
hoophouse for further growing, not everything works but most do.
_Phil from Iowa  

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john at seldomseenfarm.com writes:

I would  add for those with normal walkins on slabs. . . you HAVE to 
insulate the  floor, preferably below the concrete.  We are running two A/C united 
tied  into one cool bot (foil the thermostats together) and maintain 39-42 
degrees  with a 12x13' cooler w/ crappy panels and rigged up door.  Doing it 
from  scratch I would buy a enclosed freezer box (+R value) with floor (and 
good  door) and save myself a lot of hassle and electricity.



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