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Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Sun Aug 14 19:26:55 EDT 2011

On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 05:37:34PM -0400, julie wrote:
> Once more for the coolbot,
> I'm trying to convince my husband to try the coolbot for our walk-in. We do
> eggs and produce. He's says that he's been told that it won't cool below 40
> degrees. Any thoughts or experience with it?

I haven't been able to get mine below 40.  It's good enough though.  I 
have a 20,000 btu room ac in a 8'x12' walkin.  I got real tired of 
paying about $1K every few years for compressor replacement AND having 
my cooler down for a day or more, so I switched over to a room ac and 
CoolBot a couple of years ago.  I now have a spare room ac ready to 
go in.  My first (used) ac unit lasted less than a year.  Can't guess 
how long the current new unit will last.

Incidentally, I have a ~12'x24' "tomato room" that is well insulated.  
No windows, one door.  I had been running a ~14,000 btu room ac.  
When it went out, I put in a ~$100 5,000 btu unit which is keeping the 
temperature down below 70 deg.  No Coolbot there, of course.

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